I don’t mention my collectors in public media often. I respect their rights to privacy, security and anonymity, but it is their wonderful comments about and willingness to purchase my artwork that inspires me to continue to create. Today I want to express my thanks to my major collectors Dan & Teresa, Johnny & Lucille, Dr. Sam, Dr. Q. Mark, John & Vicki, Walter E., Mike C., Dr. Lon & Linda, Chuck & Patti and the hundreds of loyal art buyers for your support over the years. 
Also, I want to thank my New International Collectors, Michel & Anne, and family for acquiring Veiled Allusions and Rendezvous. I know these pieces will enjoy the fantastic view of the St. Lawrence River!
It is a true joy working with you all and I look forward to many more years of creating and spending time with such wonderful people. Thanks to you all!- Gregory

Michel & Anne

Michel & Anne (permission by Michel)